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Student Program

Student Program

We Are the Present, We Are the Future

We Are the Present, We Are the Future

Student Program Highlights


This week, October 16-20, is a national week of action focused on higher education—it’s time for students, faculty, and staff to stand up for all our immigrant, Dreamer, and DAC Amented students, families, and colleagues. We must raise our voices to keep them safe.  With the lives of 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients including approximately 20,000 educators at risk, NEA is launching a mass migration of messages to Congress on the wings of digital butterfly postcards. We have a short amount of time to increase pressure on Members of Congress as the window for Congress to act to prevent Dreamers from losing their status is fast approaching in December.

It is essential that our members of Congress hear from us. Send a postcard today urging them to pass the Dream Act. Let them know why you support Dreamers.

This is the time when we can, and must, stand up for them. We can shine a bright light on the urgent need to pass the Dream Act. We can demand Congress right this wrong, and that they do so without trading these young peoples’ futures for their parents’ safety, or increased militarization at our border.

It only takes a couple of minutes to stand with DACAmented students, educators, and all our nation’s Dreamers. Send your postcard today.


On September 5th, President Trump made the unwise and cruel decision to end the DACA program putting 800,000 lives at the mercy of a Congress that has passed no major legislation.

For the past five years, the DACA program proved to be an unqualified success, providing new opportunities and futures for nearly 800,000 Dreamers who live, study, and work in America. The termination of this program impacts students, educators, small business owners, healthcare workers, and so many others contributing to their families, communities, and to the country they call home. Instead of offering an immigration process that will allow a path to citizenship so that Dreamers can continue to contribute to our communities and economy, this Administration has continued its crusade against immigrant families by stripping away their legal status.

Why Butterflies?

Butterflies have become the symbol of the beauty of migration and signify transformation and freedom. This art created by Favianna Rodriguez for the NEA, reaches audiences on an emotional level, replacing images of fear with visions of our shared humanity.  

What Happens to the Messages Once the Postcards are Sent?

This postcard campaign will continue until we get a clean Dream Act.  On October 25th, NEA and partners will bring the messages to the halls of Congress. And we will continue our collective efforts until all Dreamers are protected without having to trade their lives and livelihoods for those of their parents or an increased militarization of our borders.

How Can You Show Your Support?

Please share this campaign across your networks.  We are trying to gather as many digital postcards as we can in a short amount of time to send a strong message to Members of Congress.

You can find some sample tweets, posts and graphics to share here.

A Message from the 2016-2018 Student Chair, Ashley Muscarella!

Hello, I am through and through a Pittsburgh girl! I was born, raised, steeped in Pittsburgh culture, and even attended college at from the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. I have dedicated four years to receiving my Bachelors of Arts in History, my Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education with a history focus, and my minor in Political Science. I have served as a chapter and regional leader, as well as the 2015-2016 President of Student Pennsylvania Education Association. I also am a Vira Heinz Woman in Global Leadership; Leonardo Da Vinci Scholar; and I have participated in the 2016 NEA Teacher Leadership Summit; the PSEA Political Institute; and the White House Summit on African American LGBTQ Youth. Further, I am a sister, equestrian, yogi, friend, mentor, global citizen, and I am a proud union member.

As members of the largest union and most influential student group for aspiring educators in America, we have the collective action and power to have our voices heard. We have the power to advocate for the needs and interests of education and the communities to which we represent and identify. We are the future of NEA; we are leaders who will use grassroots advocacy and action with our passion and knowledge to start a movement of change.

We have the power to act as servant leaders and be the change we wish to see in the world. In which, we focus towards putting others and their best interests before our own. A servant leader serves the people they represent and focuses on what they represent, before themselves. It is their duty to acknowledge others' perspectives, support them in order to meet their goals, include them in decision making processes, and build a community. I am here to serve you. We will build a community fostered in intellectual, social, and moral growth.

I am inspired by the beauty I find in the world and I see that within us, the future of education. We are knowledgeable, we are passionate, and we are driven leaders in education. Over the next two years, we will grow our program as empowered advocates who are passionate about the preservation of public education. We will be intentional and we will be the change. Thank you for providing me the inspiration and drive to represent you.

Ashley Muscarella

Jack Kinnaman Scholarship

The NEA-Retired Jack Kinnaman Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Jack Kinnaman, former Vice President Advisory Council member of NEA-Retired. He is most fondly remembered as NEA’s Cat in the Hat. It is his family’s wish that the scholarship go to an Aspiring Educator.

How to Apply:

Complete the NEA-Retired Jack Kinnaman Scholarship Application at

Applicant must be an NEA Student member who meets all of the application criteria.

Applications submitted by first class mail must be postmarked by April 15, 2017.

Click the following link for additional information:

NEA Student Program CREATE grant!

Chapters Redefining Education Advocacy Through Empowerment (CREATE) Grant

Grants are chapter and/or statewide community service projects that positively promote the NEA Student Program through strategies designed to enhance public education, increase advocacy and outreach to communities; support younger educators involvement in the Association; and supports the development of innovative approaches to engagement.

Deadlines: Fall Semester: October 30, 2016 / Spring Semester: February 16, 2017

For additional information please click the following link:

Tomorrow’s Teachers Magazine

NEA’s annual magazine for NEA student members. It offers a wealth of resources to those new to the teaching profession. Each issue offers help with job searches, provides classroom tips for surviving the first year in the classroom, recommends strategies for parental and community outreach, and much more.

NEA Student Program History

The Student National Education Association (SNEA) was founded in 1937 as a department of NEA. The SNEA Representative Assembly almost 50 years later voted to end its affiliation status and merge with NEA as a program -- The NEA Student Program.

Today we have:

  • 55,000 members
  • more than 1100 college/university campus chapters
  • 50 state programs
  • a national, full-time, elected chairperson  
  • a nine-member, appointed advisory committee of student members
  • Student Leadership and Professional Issues Conference

We strive to:

  • promote community partnerships
  • foster leadership through pre-professional opportunities and peer mentoring
  • promote membership among diverse populations
  • provide networking opportunities
  • supplement formal teacher-education training
  • promote the national accreditation of teacher-education training
  • recruit and retain pre-professional members, and
  • maintain a presence at all NEA conferences.COMMENTS:

The NEA Student Program is Essential

  • Thousands of educators and educational support professionals across the country retire each year. We must take aggressive steps to replace these educators and ensure quality education in every classroom. NEA supports educators who are well qualified and prepared for their careers.
  • Also, one out of three NEA Student Program members becomes an NEA leader.
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